A successful web design meeting enables us the designers or development team to create a website that meets your needs of business departments and offers visitors a high-quality online experience. The purpose of the meeting may be to discuss redesigning or updating an existing site or developing a new site. To ensure that the project meets its objectives, the meeting must involve all stakeholders and provide designers with the information they need.

two 3d humans with puzzle piece in hands

There’s a need of creating a strategic plan which we will need to include everything from identifying your target market to deciding on the overall look you want to achieve, with these considerations obviously having a huge impact on the final result. Themes and colour schemes will often need to be discussed as will the layout and specific pages that need to be developed, and of course, you need to consider how the design will reflect the core values of the brand itself to ensure it hits the mark. Then you need to start thinking about how it’s going to get those must-have conversions, and that means things like SEO considerations need to be given proper thought too.


Executing a web and marketing strategy starts with a solid plan and requires expertise, discipline-a tested process that will take you from concept to completion. We’ll walk you through execution every step of the way, and once approved we’ll launch the site and related marketing campaigns. The launch is not the last step of your project. It’s the premiere. We’ll keep playing this game together, fine-tuning and managing your site so it continues to drive results that matter.


We will conduct usability testing to determine efficiency and accuracy of the site in order to make a few improvements on the areas that aren’t user friendly.


With the site tested and ready to go, we upload it to your web server and do any required configuration, including set up of plugins and modules for content management systems, and installing Google Analytics or any other tracking software. Finally, we submit your completed website to the three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo! including an XML sitemap and a robots.txt file.